A Letter To Skylemar Alum

Dear Friends,

Perhaps you don’t remember the quadratic formula, but bet you remember the first time you got up waterskiing. Maybe you can’t recall your college professors from freshman year, but you’ll never forget your counselors in Bunk 2. So it goes, when you’re in the Skylemar family.

For over 65 years, Skylemar “brothers” have remembered the lessons of Lee and Herb. These two incredible teachers taught us to put kindness first and winning second. They demonstrated the tremendous value of friendship, appreciation and compassion. They mentored all in the practice of forgiving and inspired genuine leadership. Such important lessons, learned in the most beautiful classroom imaginable.

It is with tremendous pride that we carry on their legacy, striving to make a positive difference in the world, one boy at a time. In this time of social networking and overly-connected parents, a Camp Skylemar experience can be more important than ever before. As one Sky parent said, “My kids learn more things that matter in seven weeks at Skylemar than they do in nine months of school.”

As you know, Skylemar welcomes all boys, despite financial means. If you are able to support Skylemar camperships, please consider a tax-deductable contribution to “ACA Camper Scholarship Program For Camp Skylemar”. Contributions may be sent to the camp address, (457 Sebago Road, Naples, ME 04055) or made online at:


We are most grateful to you, our cherished alum, for passing on the good word about Camp Skylemar. New families join ours, thanks to your referrals and outreach. Your support of the scholarship fund helps us to carry out the resolve to not let finances come between a good kid and a Skylemar summer. This is one of the “pieces” of the “puzzle of Skylemar” which we sing about.

With gratitude for the greatest guys in the whole wide world,

Arleen and Shep