the best job you’ll ever have

Many find that being a counselor at Skylemar is not only a great way to spend the summer, but perhaps the best job they’ll ever have. Long after their counseling days have surrendered to a variety of careers, former counselors and campers often revisit Skylemar to recapture happy memories of days that remain an important part of their lives.

Your chance to be a hero

A Skylemar counselor lives with a group of 5-8 boys and another counselor. In addition to providing instructional leadership in one or more activities throughout the day, a counselor serves as “big brother”, friend, role model, advisor and hero.
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Counselors, Coaches and Mentors

Skylemar seeks role models who have shown fine character; athletes who’ve been leaders on and off the field; and scholars, who relish in sharing positive lessons and knowledge.
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