Building Boys Into Confident, Caring, Capable Young Men

Each summer, boys from across the US and abroad become life-long friends at Skylemar. Campers represent a variety of backgrounds, interests and athletic abilities.

An exceptional staff provides instruction in numerous team and individualized sports, arts and outdoor education.

At Skylemar, we teach by example. We teach how to compete, while not losing sight of caring for others. We teach boys to win graciously, and lose with honor. They learn to be the best they can be. How to improve golf swings, get up water skiing, make foul shots and perform on stage. We celebrate effort, which builds strong, confident, positive boys.

Undoubtedly, boys learn best, are the happiest and most motivated when in small groups. This is why enrollment is limited to a number large enough for competitive play, yet small enough for one-on-one private instruction. Most importantly, our size assures that everyone knows everyone at Skylemar.

Campers learn to get along with and care for others, to make good decisions, to be accountable and to eagerly undertake responsibility.

At Skylemar, they become well-rounded young men, with safe opportunities to try new things.

They learn to say “I can”.