At Skylemar, we understand boys.
We know they teem with energy, crave movement, delight in fun and we celebrate that. We recognize that they have rich emotional lives that require the vital connections and support needed to navigate some of the pressures of youth. The school year is a time to cultivate the intellect, but summer is the time for a boy to develop skills necessary for a lifetime of success.
We build men of character, one boy at a time.
Founded on the simple and yet core values of friendship and kindness. We hire some of the country’s finest college athletes, who’ve shown a genuine interest in mentoring kids. We train these young men to become exceptional coaches, as well as outstanding models of our principles. We create a fun-filled curriculum of activities that boys love. And then we add 170 of the greatest young guys in the world.
A Superior Counseling and Support Staff
Each summer, boys from across the US and abroad become life-long friends at Skylmar. Campers represent a variety of backgrounds, interests, and athletic abilities. An exceptional staff provides instruction.Read More
The way growing up is supposed to be.
Nestled in the spectacular pines of southern Maine, lies a place where lifelong lessons are learned and forever bonds are formed. Replete with top notch facilities, the finest staff and a history steeped in the best summer has to offer, Camp Skylemar is widely recognized as one of finest residential summer camps for boys 8-15 in the world.
Friendships Dear and True
Having even one, true friend is all we need to feel connected to the world and to a community. Skylemar’s spirit of friendship connects everyone at camp. At Skylemar, we teach by example. We teach how to compete, while not losing sight of supporting others. We teach boys to win graciously, and lose with honor. We celebrate effort.. Every day at Skylemar brings a chance to be yourself, to cheer on teammates, and to be cheered on by them, win or lose.
At SKYLEMAR, We Play. Where Boys Play and Compete, Regardless of Ability.
On a spectacular plot of land in the heart of the Sebago Lake region, Skylemar offers the greatest playground there is. Here, we facilitate play at all levels of competition and for all levels of ability. Play shapes how children make sense of their worlds. Play is where we learn to survive and thrive in society. Play promotes communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. For kids, it lays the ultimate foundation for achieving personal mastery.