At Skylemar, we do take our business personally. After all, we’re caring for the most valuable treasure in the world. Our focus is on each individual. When a parent calls and asks about their son, we want to personally respond. When a camper is facing a challenge, we’re there to help. That’s the Skylemar difference.

Directors Shep and Arleen Shepherd are completely committed to each individual camper. They never lose sight of the fact that parents have entrusted Skylemar with their most precious possession. Shep and Arleen do everything in their power to see that each child has a safe, fun and wholesome summer experience.

As the daughter of founding director Lee Horowitz (who along with Herb Blumenfeld, established Skylemar in 1948), Arleen’s entire life has revolved around Camp Skylemar. Shep, also a second grade teacher at the Calvert School of Baltimore, began his 30 year Skylemar history as a counselor in 1981.

Having four children of their own has made them especially sensitive to a parent’s number one concern: SAFETY.

Giving a child the opportunity to experience sleep away camp is one of the most influential gifts a parent can bestow. No doubt, it’s a tremendous leap of faith to entrust your son to others. At Skylemar, we cherish the honor of a summer with your child, and do everything we possibly can to give him a safe, great experience of a lifetime.