A Weekend with Family & Friends

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Club Skylemar Family and Friends Post-Season Weekend (Friday through Sunday) is a terrific opportunity for kindred togetherness. It’s a relaxed and “unplugged” three-day weekend of quality time, great food and good, old-fashioned fun.

Trickey Pond is yours, as well as the courts and fields. It’s special time for you and your family to enjoy each other’s company, with plenty of activities from which to choose. It’s a wholesome, all-inclusive, reasonably priced “mini-vacation”, with no interruptions from the world beyond the woods of Maine. A previous participant described the weekend as “The best quality time I had with my kids all year”.

Delicious food is abundant Friday evening through Monday morning. The menu includes dinners of summer favorites, barbecue lunches and hearty breakfasts. Snacks and drinks are always available. We will gladly accommodate dietary restrictions.

A bathing suit and casual clothes are the only necessary items. Tennis rackets, baseball gloves and golf clubs will be available, although you are welcome to bring them as well. Cabin accommodations include sheets, blankets, towels and typically eight beds.

All-inclusive fees for the weekend are:

$200 per adult and $150 per child with shared cabin, meals and activities
$625 per family in private cabin with shower, meals and activities
$400 per family not sleeping at camp

Many say that this is the most beautiful time of year at Skylemar. We hope to share it with you!

To “enroll”, email info@campskylemar.com